Bio and Artist Statement

I was born in Dublin in 1974. I worked mainly in construction for the first half of my life until my return to education in 2009. I attended Dublin School of Creative Arts, (DIT) 2011/15, where I graduated with an honors degree in Fine Art.  Since that I have went on to study an MA in Art, Research and Collaboration from Institute of Art and Design and Technology, Dún Laoghaire. My passion is for painting and I am in the lucky position that I can attend my studio everyday and work full time too. This is possible through my residency with Fingal and my studio which is based in Coolmine Recycling Centre.


Artist Statement:

 My practice is rooted in the exploration of the links between the term 'object' and the medium of painting. I conceive works which are made of paint rather than painted and this in turn, gently erodes away any preconceived ideas of what a painting is ‘supposed’ to be. Through reflexivity and the unpredictability of an almost scientific studio space, which is based at a paint recycling centre, I invite a breathing ground of exhilarating possibilities. My concepts and creative processes continually alter whilst my harvesting of the location offers varied sized works and 3D effects. My findings influence me and I would describe my work as a partnership between abstraction and recycling. Two of my most common tools in the studio are gravity and temperature and I welcome the concept of pushing the paint to a material uncomfortableness. My outcomes are never planned and it’s this unpredictable union between recycled paint material, gravity and time that makes the works unique and of interest to me. 

 Simultaneously, my practice engages in an examination of critical discourse, both positive and negative about what gives a painting its aesthetic value. Through an ongoing conversation with my peers, I explore alternative techniques, procedures and developmental processes of gallery presentation. I publically welcome debate and continual conversation on the term ‘painting’ and the experience of the artist with the material in the studio environment. It is my intention to invite compositional questioning whilst playing with colour, size, application and the many forms a painting may take whilst running in tandem with this investigative discourse. My practice is enjoyably experimental and I feel passionate and excited about paint and its never-ending possibilities.  

For more info on my latest project Painters Talking Paint, 22nd Feb 2017 click here: